Ready to be personalized!Each customized set is made to order (unless otherwise noted) and comes with 28 pieces. We’ve added glitter to these for a nice sparkle. Purchasing options available: Option #1: Blank/Unfinished - Dominoes will not be sanded for smooth edges. They will be blank. You'll be free to  customize them to your liking. Option #2: Blank/Finished - Dominoes will be sanded for smooth edges. Then shipped to you to customize any way you like! Option #3: Finished & Customized - Dominoes will be  completely finished with you desired personalization!  Option #4 & #5 : Bulk/Wholesale Purchase - Currently available for blank dominoes only. (Fully custom dominoes will be available for bulk ordering soon!)  A minimum quantity of 10 sets is required for bulk purchasing. Blank domino bulk orders will not be sanded. If you want them sanded, an additional fee will be charged (Option #5). Please allow 2-4 week for processing. Option #6: Domino Mold ONLY - You can purchase the mold for the dominoes. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

Black Resin Dominoes

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