Founded in Kansas City, Missouri, Dye Decor, LLC is claiming its spot in the business with some of the most beautifully made decorative products. What started out as a hobby, a vivid imagination, and a passion for all things involving bold colors, homes and interior design, has became something bigger than imagined! 

Dye Decor has turned that passion into something that is not found on shelves, by creating some of the most unique products that separate it from other companies. Dye Decor has the ability to take your vision, add a splash of its creativity and still make it personal just for you! 

Dye Decor has developed a customer base that stretches from its hometown, to Indiana and across the country to California. In addition to its accomplishments, it has found itself being featured in the Kansas City Homes & Style Magazine, of Leawood, KS, on more than one occasion!

We find so much joy in the products we create, and our goal is to bring that same joy into the lives of our customers as we continue on this journey to introduce you to new creations and new handmade designs for your home.

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